Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356
Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356 

Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356 

Earth Friendly Labels
The face stock of our Earth Friendly labels is made from up to 100% Recycled paper and we use  water based inks.  Below are some popular shapes. Call or email for sizes not shown.
2" Circle
2" x 3" Oval
1-3/8" x 2-3/4" Oval
3" x 5"
Earth Friendly Labels

Our Most Popular Shapes are also offered with a white uncoated face sheet made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper. These labels provide a great look and offer an earth friendly alternative. For additional earth friendly papers and sizes, please call or email for pricing and availability.

Earth Friendly labels are designed for indoor use.


Color Match: Any color can be matched for $35.00. Click here for our standard ink colors.
3" Circle
3/4" x 1-1/2" Oval
2" Starburst
4" x 3"
Art Preparation: No art charge will be added if approved digital art is submitted. See Artwork Guidelines. Prices include art preparation of straight line copy set in our standard type styles. Non-digital artwork add $48.00 on first order only.

Color / Copy Changes: Color or copy changes are available at the combined quantity price plus $34.00 per each change. Item must be the same on the entire order. Color and copy combinations are not available on the same order. Each change must be in multiples of 500.
Production Time: Approximately 7 Working Days.