Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356
Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356 

Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356 

Artwork Submission Guidelines
& Basic Requirements

Label Network offers professional designs at very economical prices. See our design service page for additional information.
Screen or Flexo label printed items:

All jobs require vector artwork.

    * Raster artwork is only acceptable for
      photographs and similar style artwork.
    * If raster artwork is the only art available
      contact your sales representative for details.

Software and/or File Format

Illustrator (8 & up) .ai
InDesign (1 & up) .indd
Photoshop (5 & up) .psd
(.psd is raster artwork)
Freehand (8 & up) .fh8
Corel Draw (8 & up) .cdr
Quark Express (4 & up) .qxd
.tif (if raster is acceptable, see above)
.pdf (fonts must be converted)

Note: For visual inspection, please send .pdf or .jpg file with art.

Methods for Submitting Artwork
Preferred: Email and/or Website (contact customer service for details), CD-R/RW
Supported: ZIP 100/250, Floppy Disk.

1. Include a jpg or PDF for reference
2. Convert all fonts to paths/outlines
3. Include or embed all placed images
4. Submit artwork at actual size
5. Identify all spot colors
6. Allow for bleed if necessary
7. Submit the original file if possible
8. Never flatten/merge the layers of a .psd
9. Indicate the cut/die line clearly
10. Verify art meets all Submission Guidelines

Artwork Submission Guidelines for Alphanumeric Numbering, Variable Data, Barcodes.
Available in Black only. May require an Excel Spreadsheet. Call or email for pricing and availability. 
Alphanumeric Numbering: Black numbering is available with letters for use as prefixes and suffixes. Example: "A123", "123 RED LOT"
Variable Data: Variable data is available for things such as phone numbers and locations. Submit an Excel spreadsheet containing the data.
Barcoding: Barcodes are available as constant, variable, or consecutive, in either Code 128 or Code 39. Barcodes with variable numbers may require an Excel Spreadsheet.
Other label Barcode options are available.  Call or email for information.

Digital (full color) items

All jobs require vector or raster artwork.

    * Vector artwork is preferred
    * If raster artwork is the only art available
      600dpi is required for best results.

Vector Artwork is required for all printing.

To avoid additional charges and additional time...

o Artwork must be submitted at actual size of finished product.
o All fonts must be converted to outlines/paths.
o All placed/linked images must be embedded or included separately.
o All images must include the required bleed if necessary.
o A color copy or jpg indicating cut should be submitted for reference.
o All spot colors should be specifically identified. Include white if necessary.
o Cut/Die line should always be clearly indicated with an unused spot color.

Standard Typesetting information
Available Fonts: Adobe Font Folio 9.0 & higher.

Minimum Font Sizes:

    San Serif in All Caps: Positive: 4 pt. bold / Reverse: 6 pt. bold
    Serif in All Caps: Positive: 6-8 pt. bold / Reverse: 10-12 pt. bold

Common Fonts:

Stock Mascot Art for Decals

To determine Square Inches, multiply the Total Width x Total Height of image.

Example: 4.5" X 1.375" = 6.1875 square inches. (6-3/16")